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Looking for a baby gift basket for mom instead of baby?


Good, her baby already has enough burp rags to last a lifetime anyway.


It’s mom that needs a bit of a break!


What she needs is the scrumptious deliciousness of exceptional Belgian chocolate.


Not everyday chocolate, though. Mom deserves the best melt in your mouth authentic Belgian chocolate.


Sure, rattles are lovely, and teeny tiny bibs are adorable. But baby is already loaded with all that stuff and more.


These delectable baby gift baskets are sure to make mom happy and feeling herself again.


What’s better to give a new mom than a mouth-watering tower of delicious Belgian chocolate?


Nothing that we can think of. 😊


Mom will have enough chocolate to share with guests at the baby shower when you buy her this baby gift basket.


Talk about giving the best of both worlds!

If mom is expecting to have a smaller baby shower with fewer friends, this baby gift basket is ideal.


She will have enough to share with her friends and keep a few pieces leftover for herself for later.

Buy a baby gift basket just for mom to keep all to herself for AFTER the shower. She’s been through a rough time and deserves the very best for a job well done!



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