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Looking for cool Mother’s Day gift sets?


Good, you’re in the right place.


Flowers are great, but you need something tasty to go with them to REALLY make mom smile this year.


That something tasty is our AUTHENTIC Belgian chocolate.


She’s going to LOVE it, we promise!


Mom has done SO MUCH for you over the years, and you love seeing her SMILE.


She DESERVES BETTER than that cheap chocolate FLAVORED “stuff” in gas station aisles.


We’re Astor Chocolates, and we mastered fine chocolate making almost a century ago.


You can trust us to MAKE MOM SMILE this Mother’s Day!


You know, mom. If you give her a box of delicious authentic Belgian chocolate, she’s going to want to share it with others.


It’s the way she rolls.


So, give her more than enough to share and keep some for later for herself.


Show mom that’s the way you roll.


Order your Mother’s Day gift set today!

Mom’s the best, so give her the BEST chocolate this Mother’s Day.


If your mom has a sweet tooth, she’s going to love an AUTHENTIC BELGIAN CHOCOLATE sampler box.


It is filled with the TASTIEST gourmet truffles and thins you’ll find anywhere on the planet. 


Mom is going to crush them. We promise!


Watch and see! 🙂

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