There’s chocolate. And then there’s Astor Chocolate.

Engineers of flavor. Engineers of flourish. 

Engineers of true, untempered delight

Behind every piece of Astor Chocolate is…

A 1,000 hands moving, 10,000 pipes hissing, 100,000 gears clicking  — and a team of chocolate masterminds behind it all, tinkering, exploring, sending ribbons of untempered delight that weave through the science of chocolate, powering it all forward. 

How many things had to come together to create something that seems so deviously simple in its execution and yet...transcendent in its experience.

Design & Development

Design & Development

Each Astor chocolate is created with a mission. We begin by asking: what will this chocolate do? Will it cheer up? Tease? Compliment?

Flavor Composition

Flavor Composition

Next, we determine which ingredients each chocolate needs to fulfill its destiny. This stage can be a whole lot of fun, and sometimes a little nutty...or fruity, depending on what we’re adding.



We pull everything together, running ingredients through European machinery that tempers and forms our Belgian chocolate to perfection, resulting in the most deliciously delightful chocolate your tastebuds will ever meet.

The hidden tastemakers behind all your favorite brands

Erwin Grunhut

Creator and Founder: Erwin Grunhut

Inductee into the Specialty Foods Hall of Fame

Renowned visionary Erwin Grunhut single-handedly transformed the specialized chocolates industry through unbridled creativity, ingenuity, and the serendipitous ability to disrupt what was once a commodity category into a “conversation piece”.

Some of his most famous creations include liquor cups, dessert cups, and the chocolate chess set.

His novel introduction of the ‘turn-down’ chocolate has sinced evolved into a classic tradition upheld by 5-star hospitality groups worldwide.

His boundless love of chocolate is a passion that has carried across continents and decades of chocolatiers. He inspired and energized his team, leading them with warmth and joy and imparting an infectious exuberance for chocolate to the next generation of Astor Chocolate makers.