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Got someone special that gives you all the feels? Maybe you know someone that’s just been feeling Moodi. We’ve got you covered. This just might be the world’s best assorted chocolate gift set – 24 incredible Belgian chocolate bars complete with 12 different flavors, so whatever your mood is – chocolate is the answer!

Please note that we occasionally run out of certain flavors and may replace it with another flavor/mood.

Size Moodibar Mega Box

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Premium Belgian Chocolate
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Tempered to Perfection
Crafted with Joy
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To Surprise and Delight

Product Details

Moodibar Gourmet Belgian Chocolate Bars

Moodibars Collection

Moodibars were fashioned to express a sentiment or mood in a colorful, unique way. Use Moodibars to communicate with passion and wit — or to empathize with a loved one’s mood.