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Grab yourself an herbal tea and snuggle down with a piece (or a bar!) of Astor’s Raspberry and Chamomile milky chocolate. These chamomile-inspired squares of sweetness are here for you to relish and relax.

Flavor Relax – Raspberry Chamomile Creamy Milk Chocolate

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Squares collection

Astor Chocolate introduced turn-down chocolates to the world of hospitality in the United States in the early 1970s. Served at 5-star hotels including Waldorf Astoria and the acclaimed Plaza Central Park NY, our chocolates enhanced each guest’s hotel experience. The squares also quickly became popular amongst patrons at executive dining rooms including American Express, Merril Lynch, Goldman Sachs, and Chase. We wanted to give you the opportunity to recreate the luxurious experience at home, so we created the Square collection.