Collection: Sea Salt Dark Chocolate

In the mood for some tasty sea salt dark chocolate?


 Of course, you are, and we can help.


 Sea salt dark chocolate is the latest addition to our gourmet chocolate collection.


 You’re going to LOVE IT!


Forget those candy bars you see in gas station aisles. You might THINK they taste good. But compared to what? Broccoli?


But you’re after something better right now.


Try our chef-crafted, delicious, but uncommon sea salt dark chocolate. A heavenly blend you’re never going to forget.


We have them for you now. Order yours today.


What’s better than our 100 calorie portion controlled sea salt dark chocolate?


A case of them, that’s what!


  •       Authentic Belgian chocolate
  •       count your calories mini bars – only 100 calories.
  •       Piece count: 24 gourmet Belgian chocolate bars
  •       No artificial colors, sweeteners, preservatives, or flavoring
  •       Guilt-free snacking has never tasted so great!


Order your case of sea salt dark chocolate bars now.

Walking before running is smart sometimes. So instead of buying a case of our dark sea salt chocolate bars, get a single bar instead.


Chill out fast with this fun Moodibar themed bar. Who says you can’t laugh and eat chocolate at the same time!


  •       54% dark sea salt gourmet chocolate
  •       True Belgian chocolate
  •       Fused with Sea Salt
  •       NET WT 1.75 OZ (50g)     


Order your sea salt dark chocolate bar now.

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