Chocolate Pairings - Astor Chocolate

Chocolate Pairings - Astor Chocolate

There is nothing more enjoyable together than a piece of quality chocolate and a great bottle of wine.


Similar to wine, chocolate has its own distinct flavor profiles ranging from nutty – fruity – spicy – smokey – floral – earthy – herbaceous that comes through when savoring a piece of fine chocolate. Burnt caramel for example can have a slightly earthy smokey back note depending on the chocolate percentage it’s paired with. Similar to underlying tannins in wine, the acidic levels in varying percentages of good chocolate can add complexity and brighten some of the chocolates natural flavor characteristics which stem from the cacao beans used.


Which is why wine and chocolate are a perfect combination. Overall when pairing wines with chocolate, the general rule of thumb is to try to match lighter, more elegant flavored chocolates with lighter-bodied wines; likewise, the stronger the chocolate, the more full-bodied the wine should be as they have similarly balanced flavor profiles.


The combinations are endless, part of the reason wine and chocolate pairings are so enjoyable. A sweet adventure you are sure to enjoy while searching for your favorite combinations.


And now…. The Wine


Our chef has chosen a selection of our most popular truffles to pair with some your favorite wines.


Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Crepe

Paired with Moscatel


A creamy hazelnut crème ganache provides a subtle nutty back note against elements of vanilla enrobed in a smooth creamy milk chocolate shell.


The rich complex amber tones of the Moscatel grape plays well with the creamy hazelnut providing a nutmeg like spicy accent.


White Chocolate Passion Fruit

Paired with Chardonnay


The filling is enrobed in pure white chocolate and is a handcrafted with passion fruit ganache with a smooth mouth feel and subtle tangy flavor notes. The fruity tropical notes of the mango compliment the creamy vanilla tones of the white chocolate.


A great combination with the crispness and fruity undertones of a dry crisp Chardonnay.


Dark Chocolate Raspberry Pomegranate

Paired with Cabernet


Enrobed in pure Belgian dark chocolate and is a handcrafted Raspberry and pomegranate gelee style filling. The smooth silky mouth feel and the sweet raspberry notes are contrasted by the tart pomegranate and acidic elements of the cacao.


Pairs well with the blackberry notes of a mid-range Cabernet.


Milk Chocolate Vanilla Cream

Paired with Pinot Noir


A simple yet indulgent combination, creamy milk Belgian chocolate with a filling of roasted vanilla bean ganache.


A light red Pinot Noir can range from floral hibiscus notes to fruity fig or plum and oaky cinnamon tones all providing an elegant compliment to the vanilla bean ganache.


Dark Chocolate Citron

Paired with Prosecco


The creamy citron lemon ganache filling marries notes of lemon with a mellow vanilla which contrasts nicely with the deep acidic cacao tones and snap of the pure Belgian dark chocolate shell.


The crispness of a bright Prosecco accentuates the notes of the dark chocolate truffle while providing a clean finish enhancing the citris.


Dark Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt

Paired with Merlot


A sophisticated handcrafted caramel with a delicate pinch of earthy Hawaiian sea salt that contrasts nicely with the boldness of the Belgian dark chocolate and its warm acidic notes lingering from the roasted cacao.


Pairs well with a medium red wine like Merlot with it well rounded body and soft tannins.


White Chocolate Passion Fruit

Paired with Sauvignon Blanc


White chocolate envelopes and white chocolate ganache infused with pure passion fruit. The tart mango plays against the buttery notes of the white chocolate.


The lighter bodied Sauvignon Blanc accents the juicy notes of passion fruit and really accentuates the acidity.


White Chocolate Strawberry Balsamic

Paired with Rose


Sweet strawberry gelee infused with the unexpected bold acidity of balsamic enrobed in a creamy white chocolate.


The blush of a Rose mirrors the creaminess of the white chocolate and the strawberry filling not only in taste, but in color.


Dark Chocolate Vanilla Bean

Paired with Sauterne or Ice Wine


A creamy vanilla bean ganache plays against the deep rich acidic tones of the dark chocolate shell.


The rich sweetness of the Sauterne plays well with the honey like and cinnamon flavor profile of the truffle.


Dark Chocolate Raspberry

Paired with a Ruby Port


A raspberry Pate de Fruit is layered with a dark chocolate ganache filling and enrobed in pure Belgian dark chocolate. The two layer filling provides for an interesting contrast of the sweet floral raspberry against the richness of the cacao ganache.


A red or Ruby Port wine provides deepens the tart raspberry while providing cinnamon undertones to the dark chocolate.


Dark Chocolate Fig

Paired with Syrah


The Mediterranean origin of the fig with its plum like berry characteristics becomes a silky filling enrobed in rich dark chocolate. An exquisite complex combination.


The black Syrah grape carries the same deep tones as the mission fig, with the added earthy elements of oak present against the dark chocolate.