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Some people aren’t fans of super sweet chocolate. They like their chocolate a little bitter and more robust.


Some consider dark chocolate to be a healthier option for chocolate lovers. Rich in antioxidants, dark chocolate contains less sugar than milk chocolate. There is even evidence that dark chocolate reduces the risk of heart diseasereduces inflammation and insulin resistance, and increases brain function


Astor Chocolate offers a wide selection of dark chocolate candy.


The Moodibars come in various flavors that combine dark chocolate with caramel, pretzels, sea salt, lavender, and mint. With several flavors to choose from, you can find the perfect bar to fit your mood.


Astor also offers Peanuts branded candies. The candy bars feature delicious dark chocolate with pictures of your favorite Peanuts characters.


If you are watching your calories, try some of the delicious 100 Calorie Bars. Each bar infuses rich dark chocolate with flavors like orangeespresso, and blueberry. You can indulge your sweet tooth without feeling guilty. 


Serene also has a ginger passion flower-infused dark chocolate bar. Part of their Spa & Hotel Collection, this can be the perfect treat for relaxing after a long day.


If candy bars aren’t your thing, try the dark chocolate truffle samplers. 


If you like your chocolate with a bit of a kick, try the liquor party cups. Each dark chocolate cup will hold ⅓ of an ounce of your favorite liquor. Perfect for New Year parties or any other celebration.


If you want a little less sweet chocolate and infused with other flavors, try some of the dark chocolate bars offered by Astor Chocolate. You will find the right treat to satisfy your craving.

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