Collection: Easter Basket Ideas

The big day is approaching, and you’re looking for Easter basket ideas.


No, we’re not the Easter Bunny, but we’re ready to help you all the same.


Forget those cheap, hollow “chocolate” bunnies you see in grocery store aisles. Those things taste nasty!


You see, NOTHING beats our irresistible Belgian milk chocolate in Easter baskets.




We’re Astor Chocolates, and we mastered fine chocolate making almost a century ago. It’s not something we learned overnight like those cheap cocoa-FLAVORED bunny factories.


Our chocolate is different. By different, we mean better.


Way better, in fact.


You love your family and friends and want to give them Easter baskets that make them happy.


Hollow, fake bunny chocolate will make them sad, though.


Don’t make them sad; give them some of our premium Belgian chocolate instead!


Order today!

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