Collection: Fathers Day Gift Basket

Your Dad rocks.


He’s done so much for you over the years and DESERVES a great Father’s Day gift basket this year.


Dad has enough ties, t-shirts, and golf tees to last, so give him a gift that makes him smile from ear to ear.


Our authentic Belgian chocolate will do the trick.


Not ordinary Belgian chocolate, though.


Your dad deserves the VERY BEST.


We’re Astor Chocolate, and we mastered the art of fine chocolate making in 1929.


That’s a long time ago.


You can trust us to make dad happy this Father’s Day!

Dad needs chocolate.


Not the stuff you find in grocery stores either.


Give him a gift of authentic Belgian chocolate and thins this year for Father’s Day.


He’ll have plenty to share with you and the rest of the family too. 🙂


Order a Father’s Day gift basket for your dad today!


Your dad deserves the exquisite taste of authentic Belgian chocolate this Father’s Day.


So give him all his favorite gourmet truffles and thins in one tidy box and be done with it already.


He’ll LOVE it!


Order today and make sure to watch dad’s face when he takes the first bite of the chocolate.


His smile will say it all.


You’re welcome. 🙂


Order a Father’s Day gift basket for your dad today!

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