How much chocolate can a dog eat?

How much chocolate can a dog eat?

Just how much chocolate can your dog eat before it is toxic to them?

Vets all agree that dogs should never be allowed to eat chocolate. If your dog has eaten chocolate it’s best to call your vet immediately and seek medical attention right away! 


You will need to know your dog’s weight and how much chocolate they have eaten when you call your vet.


Why is chocolate bad for your dog?

Chocolate contains something that is toxic to dogs but completely harmless to humans; it’s called theobromine. Different types of chocolate contain differing quantities of this chemical.  If your dog has eaten chocolate, toxicity symptoms will occur between 4 and 24 hours.


The severity of the situation is based on the weight of your dog and the type and amount of chocolate that they have eaten – the darker the chocolate the more toxic.


For baking chocolate only a half-ounce is enough to put your 10 lb dog into extreme danger. A dark chocolate bar 54% dark chocolate just 1.5 ounces is too much for a 10 pound dog. Milk chocolate that’s 33% coco the amount would be 3.5 ounces for a 10 pound dog. White chocolate does not contain theobromine, so it should not cause worry.


Chocolate poisoning is the most frequent poisoning in dogs each year. The most frequent times for your dog to take advantage of extra chocolates in the home are around holidays such as Easter, Halloween, and Thanksgiving - so be extra vigilant during these times of celebration.


Even worse than regular chocolate is sugar free chocolate. Sugar free chocolates contain a sugar substitute called xylitol, which is EXTREMELY toxic to dogs. It only takes a very tiny amount to be deadly!


Please keep your delicious chocolates locked up to protect your best friend, and help them live longer healthier lives.