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Astor Chocolate’s Moodibars contain a special formula that puts you in a good mood fast.


It doesn’t matter how bad you feel when you first bite into them either.


ONE BITE will make you happy fast!


What goes better with chocolate than caramel?

 If you are in a bad mood or have a rough day, nothing can pick you up QUICKER than caramel’s gooey goodness.


Add the best milk chocolate to it, and voilà, your frown INSTANTLY turns upside down.


Our gooey sea salt caramel or crunchy toffee are waiting to make you smile RIGHT NOW


We combined the finest chocolate with other ingredients to create delicious taste bud explosions.


And you’re going to LOVE THEM! We promise!!


For instance…


Do you feel a bit glum today? Or a little run down and need something to raise your spirits?


Of course you do!


The Blah Moodibar combines tasty sweet Belgian milk chocolate and creamy soft caramel. A match made in heaven! The gooey goodness changes blah days into good ones again lighting fast.


Try it and see. 🙂


Did you go a little too hard last night?


It happens. No judgment here.


What you need though is a tasty something to make you human again.


The Hungover Moodibar is that tasty something.


Scout’s honor.


Bite into its Belgian milk chocolate, crunchy toffee, pretzel bites, savory sea salt, and presto chango…


You FEEL HUMAN AGAIN like delicious magic.


Moodibars will improve your mood and make your day better. Try them and see!

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