Collection: Sea Salt Caramel

Do you love the sweet and savory combination of sea salt and caramel?


Why wouldn’t you? Everyone should love it!


When mixed with delicious chocolate, sea salt and caramel balance each other out in a tasty good way.


Whether you are a dark chocolate or milk chocolate fan, you’re going to LOVE our Moodibars!


Feeling a bit gloomy or run down?


Try our Blah Moodibar!


In it, you get heavenly sweet Belgian milk chocolate mixed with soft creamy chocolate caramel. The gooey goodness of the Blah Moodibar will help fix your mood and help you to finish strong.


Or do you want to kick back and chill out after a busy day? Who doesn’t! What you need is the Chill Moodibar. It offers the perfect blend of sea salt and dark chocolate to keep your good mood going once you have it.


If you can’t decide which Moodibar you want to try first, we have several gift packs to try. You can get a 24 bar sampler or a three-pack of Positive bars. If you don’t want a whole bar, you can try Moodibar squares as well.


If you are more of a truffle fan, try the truffle samplers with different flavor combinations.


If you love chocolate, sea salt, and caramel, try our great selection of deliciousness today!

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